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Just experienced your PICKLES and they're delicious!




My 9 year old daughter and I love your pickles. My favorite is sour and hers is dill. We walk to the store everyday to buy our pickles. She even put it on Her wishlist for Her birthday. Haha.

07/29/14 Paul the Pickler

These are the best pickles I've ever had and I know a thing or two about tickles/pickles.

-Paul the Tickler Pickler


Hands down the best pickle I've ever had in my life (and I've had a lot of pickles).

07/29/14 Paul N

I love me some pickles!

Paul N


For the first time on 6/24/14 I purchase a Freestone pickle absolutely marvalous I just love the tange Sour Pickle been a lover of pickles since I cant remember Freestone u know have inheritage a Pickle loving child


I love the sour pickles so much that I bought out my store . Now I order them directly from Freestone. Love em!!


Just tried your Sour and Dill pickles. love them. A nice Garlic dill would be great. Also a Cajun Dill. I make pickles at home and my Cajun are real good. Love to snack on them with a beer while watching a late night movie.


Best pickles in the world hands down. Moved away from Michigan and it's tough to find my fav, SOUR pickles down here in NC... go figure?! I need a few gallons of those sours...mmmm best I've had since living in Germany.

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